Windows Blue, the successor of Windows 8 would arrive already middle of 2013

For the future, Microsoft would release a new Windows year inorder to better adapt to the general public. This raises the issue of companies that will not lock onto this pace.

The rumor of a new version of Windows is accurate. In August, we talked about Blue Windows, but very few details on this software then circulated. The subject was revived by our colleague The Verge that, based on “multiple sources” confirmed that Microsoft is working well on a successor to Windows 8, codenamed Windows Blue with a launch date scheduled for middle of 2013 …! Is only one year after Windows 8.

Windows Blue is an updated form of revolution, Windows Blue is the code name for the next major update that Microsoft could launch in mid-2013. She will launch a major strategic change with the transition to a cycle of annual updates at low cost.

And it will not simply an intermediate version, but a major update, with “changes at the interface and the entire platform.” Amazing is not it? Not so much.

Apparently, Microsoft would accelerate the development cycle and to propose, in the future, a new Windows every year, as is the case for operating systems for mobiles and tablets from Apple and Google.

Barely a month after the launch of Windows 8, we already hear about the next major update. It is not surprising to learn that Microsoft is already working on the sequel, The Verge reveals that it is much more than a simple update. It bears the code name “Windows Blue” and should introduce a common approach for Windows Phone and Windows with an annual cycle of updates, as already Apple “Mac OS X” and “iOS”, and Google Android.

Pricing review would largely down to promote adoption. According to The Verge, Windows Blue could even be free!

The new Windows will be accompanied by a new development kit and new “apps” will necessarily be compatible Windows Blue, otherwise they will not be accepted in the Windows Store online store.

Very low prices for this update or free

The first “Blue update” for Windows 8 is scheduled for mid-2013, the menu changes to the user interface, maybe scalable tiles on Windows Phone 8 as well as new colors and options customization. To ensure broad adoption of this update, Microsoft has decided to offer a very low price or perhaps free. Once Windows Blue will be released the software development kit (SDK) will also be updated and Microsoft will no longer accept new applications Windows 8, and to push developers to switch without waiting for the new version. To install the update, customers will have an original version of Windows 8. If a pirated copy is detected, the default applications and the Windows Store will cease to function.

To separation pro / general public?

With an annual release versions of Windows, Microsoft tries to stick more to the tastes of the public, always eager for news. In contrast, this new strategy – if true – could pose a problem for businesses, as some think market analysts. In fact, services can not be a deployment of Windows every year. Their migration cycles are at least three years. Moreover, since Microsoft has merged its professional and consumer platforms, companies are always offset consumers.« Windows 8 comes out, but in business, current deployment projects focus on Windows 7,» said Thierry and Petit, Director Dell Europe. How to solve this dilemma? Perhaps separating again the consumer and professional platforms …

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