Vertu: Android We Choose Because Best Current OS

According to Thomas Blanloeil, Vertu Sales Manager South East Asia, Android was chosen because it has the largest market share at this time. In addition, Android has proven reliability since adopted by a number of world-famous mobile phone vendor.

“Now that Android is the OS’s fastest growing market with a market share of 60% globally. We could not adopt iOS, while Windows Phone only 5% marketnya,” he said after the launch of Vertu Ti, at Vin + Arcadia Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (7/3 / 2013).

Nokia’s Vertu who used it claimed not to be looking for other alternatives for the operation of mobile OS after switching from Symbian. “For now, we stay on Android alone,” said Thomas.

Vertu Ti luxury phone itself comes with four variants, namely Titanium Black Leather, Pure Black Titanium, Titanium Black Alligator and Black PVD Titanium Red Gold Mixed Metals. For the cheapest priced at Rp 119 million, while the most expensive version of gold valued USD 258 million.

All these handsets using the Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Vertu explained, it has not used the latest version of the Jelly Bean for fear unstable.

“Jelly Bean is still new. While Android’s every six to nine months are always out new upgrades. So we prefer to Ice Cream Sandwich that is more stable,” explains Thomas.

Vertu Ti itself has a titanium body of the material that is claimed to very tough. Five times stronger than the usual smartphone material.

While the Vertu Ti screen measuring 3.7 inch sapphire is made of strong material. As for the keypad buttons are made of ceramic material and the skin of the material for the regular sports car driven by James Bond, Aston Martin.

“The screen is very special and strong sapphire, only diamonds can scratch it,” said Thomas.

For specifics, actually nothing too special. This phone uses 1.7 GHz dual core processor, 8 megapixel rear camera and 3.2 megapixel front camera, and 64GB of internal storage capacity.

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