Samsung Launches Flexible Displays For Smartphones


The next revolution of smartphones could affect the screens, Present at CES Samsung flexible displays for its Galaxy range. There is no doubt that the market for flexible displays will be a major challenge coming legal battles which we should attend.

As we see every day Apple and Samsung fight to dominate the mobile phone market and the tablet, Samsung provides according to some sources to get these screens for mobile phones in the current 2013. However, the Vice-President of the display unit of Samsung, Lee Chang-hoon, has not confirmed this information and does not take on a date.

From the time they are evoked flexible displays are considered a sea serpent, The Wall Street Journal, this futuristic technology will soon become reality. Indeed, the newspaper claims that the Korean manufacturer unveiled a prototype at CES in early January 2013 and will phase of industrial production in the first half of the year.

Far from being simple gadgets these screens, the flexible display area is made ​​of plastic, will not degrade the display quality. They use a OLED as other devices (smartphones, tablets, TV). The Wall Street Journal, this material should both lower the weight of the equipment, but also the cost of production.

Samsung used OLED technology in the manufacture of their Flexible Displays Smartphones

OLED technology is slim and can be used in flexible displays. Many producers are to work on the topic (eg, Sony Corp. and LG Display Co.), however, manufacturers are still unable to start their study results in mass production due to several technological barriers still impassable.

Sony is working on the subject since 2002 was presented two years ago at a screen OLED flexible 4.1 “. His spokesman said Monday any time to be able to predict when they would be able to market it.

«The main reason for Samsung to use plastic rather than glass classic is to produce screens that are not fragile. The technology could also help Samsung due to lower manufacturing costs and differentiate products of its rivals. » said Lee Seung-chul, an analyst at Shinyoung Securities. Remember that Samsung saw its profit year on year to the end of the third quarter jump 91% to about $ 6 billion. This allows Samsung to invest in its mass display industry.

What date of marketing the Flexible Displays Smartphones ?

For availability, we would obviously expect. Tests are underway. On this point, the vice president of the unit Samsung flexible Display , Lee Chang-Hoon, said to be «currently sampling with some customers.» And, for the moment, «the release date has not yet been determined.»

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