Nintendo offers a game for buying a 3DS XL at Christmas

Nintendo decides to mark the holiday season by offering buyers a free game console 3DS XL. Indeed, it is possible to select from 5 games on the service of the Japanese Club Nintendo.

The holiday season fast approaching, many of us dig ourselves head on gifts to give our loved ones. In the field of video games, it is possible to do good business, especially on Steam and Origin platform last week, or on arcade sticks and flying in sales at Mad Catz.

The Japanese manufacturer Nintendo intends to be a hit with its Wii U (which has accumulated 400,000 sales in the first week in the United States), but also has good plans to offer players to mark Christmas.

Indeed, the Kyoto firm offer people who bought a 3DS XL between July 2012 and the end of the year to save the code on their handheld Club Nintendo online service, allowing them to select a game 3DS free from a selection of five titles:

Super Mario 3D Land
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles
New Art Academy
New House of Style
Deluxe Freakyforms

The game will be offered as a code to download service on the 3DS eShop and before 31 January 2013. The deal, which takes effect in France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Russia. will close on 15 January 2013, which will include the lucky ones who will be happy to offer a 3DS XL at Christmas to take advantage of this gesture rather enjoyed.

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