New Videoprojector Vivitek D7180HD Full HD

The New Videoprojector Vivitek D7180HD is a Full HD extra brightcapable of displaying images of more than 2 m diagonal without any setback.

A Full HD Videoprojector Vivitek who will stop at nothing Vivitek this model, those who never thought the video projection will move to revise their plans. This clever multimedia Videoprojector Vivitek D7180HD is equipped with an ultra-short throw and works a bit like the overhead of our classrooms. It was therefore no need to display an image decline of more than 2 m diagonal. And, in Full HD (1920 by 1080 dots). A first! Typically, this type of device, the definition does not climb beyond 720p and it is not so bad. The Vivitek D7180HD therefore better and now allows you to consider owls sessions home theater or the sessions of video games on a wall or screen, without worrying about the recoil and installation.

A sacred luminous rum punch, but contrasts weaklings

This projector DLP single is also very bright. It proudly displays its 3400 ANSI lumens. This means that parts and enlightened places do not scare him. That’s why the Vivitek also intended market of education and training. However, in contrast, the manufacturer announces a 500:1 ratio of 2, which is not exceptional. The good news is that it embeds a color wheel with six segments and it benefits Brilliant Color technology, guaranteeing a good colorimetry. As for the lamp, it is supposed to operate between 3000 and 4000 hours, depending on the selected mode, Standard or Very bright. Note, however, in Standard mode, the camera makes the least noise: 30 dB (37 dB against the second mode, which starts to make a lot!).

A connection-oriented computing in Vivitek D7180HD

This model has not Vivitek D7180HD obviously no zoom or lens shift (physical movement of the optical block) and the focus is manual. On the side of the connector, Vivitek D7180HD offers only HDMI input, an input / output VGA, DVI-D, input / output audio (since HP has integrated 10 W) an Ethernet port (for integration within a network and remote management)
RS232 port (for integration into a home automation system) and a USB port (for maintenance). Finally, Vivitek D7180HD ensures that lamp replacement is a breeze. At $ 4,100, the device is obviously not given. But in some cases, the ability to display « zero back » has no price.

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