New Super Mario Bros U available on Wii U Launch Video

Nintendo has released a final trailer for New Super Mario Bros U, to mark its release on the new Wii U home console available today in Europe. Extracts briefly present all the possibilities of new adventures of the famous plumber.

Officially available in Europe today, the Nintendo Wii U console comes with a line-up of games rather varied. Among them, it is obviously necessary to rely on first-party productions such as New Super Mario Bros U, which was also offered to the first buyers of the console to the HMV store on Oxford Street in London. Nintendo profits for the European launch of the game to broadcast a trailer which comes last on the different points of gameplay. There are of course the famous multiplayer co-op mode, the main appeal of the game, However, it will be possible to play 5, the last player using the touch interface of GamePad to form platforms to help / hinder his comrades.

The game is not without its challenges, since a series of challenges will be offered to the craziest of us, requiring a maximum of skill and reflexes. You can also see a map of the world that can navigate its way between levels, a feature we have not seen since Super Mario World on the Super NES.

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