How people use Web-based project management software

Web-based project management software is a software alternative to traditional project management application, like Microsoft Project. This software is built on a different concept, which is simple and attractive: rather than buying a software license for a project management application and installing this software on individual machines, an organization signs up to an application hosted by the company that develops and sells the software and gives the buyer more flexibility to collaborate and fewer headaches in maintaining the software.

For you to get an idea of how Web-based project management software is used in different organizations, members of our team wrote about their experience of collaboration with the help of online project management tools.

How people use Web-based project management software

Web-based project management software for distributed teams by Barry Morgan

I worked for a company that had 5 offices across the world: 3 in the U.S. and 2 in Europe. We had to collaborate on 8 global projects at a time. Keeping everybody in the loop was vital for meeting the project deadlines. These deadlines were very tough, so the only way to get the project done was to use the time-zone differences and exchange information as quickly as possible. We realized that meeting the deadlines would be impossible with Microsoft Project, which wasn’t installed to every team member’s computer. Neither could we make sure that everyone has the right version of the installed application. There was no time for monthly training. We decided to go with a Web-based project management tool. The result was terrific! We set up our account in seconds, and it took us minutes to transfer all the project data into the tool. It had a very handy Microsoft Project integration feature, that let us upload the existing file to the system and give the whole team online access to it. Immediately, we saved 2 months on Microsoft Project installation and training. Our data was neatly organized and shared with everybody on the team, so that our collaboration began right away. The next day we could see the project progress, and we knew all the details of every team member’s work. All the projects were completed successfully and in time, thanks to the ability to access our project management tool from any computer 24/7.

Web-based project management software for collaboration with clients by Dave Scott

Still doubting which software to choose? So did I when I was appointed as a project manager for my company. The major criterion for my choice was the ability of the software to let our clients view the project work, see how each step was completed and sometimes even make changes to our plans or add comments. I read lots of materials on Microsoft Project and realized that this software will not help me in my situation. Fortunately, after days of research and examination, we found the tool that turned out to be the right solution. It made possible the closest collaboration with our clients, who quickly reacted on the progress that we made and gave their feedback. They added their comments directly to the body of tasks. Nothing was left behind or forgotten. We saved hours and even days on meetings, phone calls and paper work!

Web-based project management software for cutting project costs by Chad Adams

I spend a lot of time investigating the truthful information on project management software. It’s very important to choose the right tool for your own business. You know exactly what you need and how much you can afford to pay for it. I have a small business of my own, and I have no money to waste. That is why it was easy for me to make up my mind when I calculated that a Web-based project management tool will save me about $ 10,000. After I signed up for the service and set up our first project in my workspace, I realized that I saved even more! I didn’t have to make as many phone calls as before, and I had much less paperwork. All the data was kept and shared on the Web, and all we needed to do is to exchange e-mails and log on to the site once or twice a week. I didn’t have to get my employees trained, as the software that we chose is so easy to use. Again, no training costs! Our result is 3 times more projects completed for the same period of time. I couldn’t have done it with MicroHard 😉 Project.

Web-based project management software for an organization that doesn’t have an IT department by Jeffery Lynch

It’s funny how people make things complicated sometimes. When I evaluated Microsoft Project for my company, I thought I would have to hire additional staff to install and maintain it, and teach my team how to manage projects with its help. However, my views changed when I came across a very useful article on Web-based project management software. The signing up process took me less than two minutes, and I could access my personal working space in 5 seconds. It took me less half an hour to set the project structure. I shared several tasks with my associates, and my team members could work on them immediately. I’ve used Microsoft Project before, and I know that this would be impossible with it. Our collaborative Gantt chart looked very familiar and resembled the one I saw in Microsoft Project, however it was interactive. We could easily drag and drop tasks and even set dependencies! The main advantage is we don’t need to hire anyone. Since software is Web-based, all we need to work with it is just a Web browser. All the maintenance is done by the software providers, and I don’t need to worry about it. All our questions to the support team are answered immediately. I don’t know why I didn’t use this type of software instead of Microsoft Project before.

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