Google forced Android 4.2 to adopt the geolocation Google Now

By removing the option that allowed you to turn a user’s location in Google Maps only, Google is forcing the hand of the followers of Android for the proper functioning of Google Now.

With the arrival of version 4.2 of Android Jelly Bean always known, Google has added new features and options in its mobile operating system. But it also seems that the Mountain View giant has decided to make a cross on a choice that was available to users until version 4.1.2.

The choice of geolocation

Thus, in the latter, it is possible to activate geotagging for some services. For example, Google Maps, but not Google Now, the service of research and extensive background information on your smartphone (or tablet) as a function of time, your location, your search habits, etc.. In version 4.2, as we have seen, this choice no longer exists. When you decide to activate its location in Google Maps, mapping application integrated with Android, it is mandatory for all active applications provided by Google, Now Google in mind.

And if you want to deny the right of Google Now you know where you are, it will not be possible to locate you on the map of Google Maps.

Do Not Track new generation?

In fact, Google does not hide it. As indicated elsewhere clearly the comments when you activate geotagging on a smartphone or tablet Android « Google applications can access your position when you are not using them.» In other words, Google will follow you to the environment and do not offer the possibility to activate this function for a single application. The problem is even more annoying is that Google Now just as a daily one way for Google to retrieve information in order to draw you a portrait « qualified ». Even if for the moment, the U.S. giant is careful not to cross the line of acceptable. However, while the battle of Do Not Track is engaged (stuck?) For surfing the web, that the Do Not Track in everyday seems even talking to him for that is interested.

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