Galaxy Note 3 Use 6.3-inch screen?

New York – Following the latest member of the Galaxy S officially released, rumor has now approached the series Galaxy Note. Reportedly the next generation Galaxy Note will use a screen 6.3 inci.Benarkah?

Samsung Galaxy Note is often called phablet or phone-tablet because the jumbo size for a smartphone device.

Until now two generations of Galaxy Note are present in the market. The first generation of the Galaxy Note using a screen measuring 5.3 inches, while the second generation is often called the Galaxy Note 2 use a screen size of 5.5 inches.

A recent rumor says that the third generation of Samsung’s phablet will carry the 6.3-inch screen size. It indirectly actually ‘confirmed’ itself by the Samsung.

In microsite Samsung Galaxy S4, the South Korean giant will present a variety of accessories that are compatible with smartphones anyarnya that just launched it. One of the accessories listed there is a Game Pad.

Game Pad is a kind of game consoles that can be embedded as a smartphone screen. In his explanation stated that the device is connected to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth or Near Field communicatio (NFC). He also explained that the Game Pad supports smartphone screen size of 4 inches to 6.3 inches.

As we know, until now Samsung does not have a smartphone device that measures 6.3 inches. It also raises a strong presumption that the Game Pad is also prepared to support the Galaxy Note 3 later.

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