ESPN Sports Connection

A new Nintendo console, a set of multi-sports events to practice in the sun, it does remind you of anything? Before you even enter the joystick, bake Sports Connection in its Wii U freshly unpacked book as an aftertaste already seen.

Let us the new Wii Sports this generation, until the hypothetical (and very likely) Wii Sports U? Even casual approach, even simple graphics, very friendly atmosphere. On their way to attack the clone. It does not escape you: Ubisoft decided to release the heavy artillery and invest heavily on Wii U with no less than six titles at launch line-up. But in the world gaming, quantity rarely rhyme with quality, alas, and Sports Connection is probably very lame duck scope. Six events are available as input both solo and in multiplayer. But beware: the only player arriving with his dapper new Wii U can only access three of them, the other three applicant must Wiimote coupled with a Wii MotionPlus as a ticket. Half an hour in search boxes later, its controllers, accessories, passport and vaccines as a rule, the action can begin.

Sports Connection invites the first player to go through the box customization by creating a virtual avatar. Not the Mii that you put so much time to make your image. It will be a little more generic character and no charisma to choose from five available templates. This brief formality, the fun can begin. And there is the drama.

Speak immediately to the only test that emerges is little time in the middle of this sad bunch: karting. While the frame rate is more asthmatic than chopped steak. Of course, the races are devoid of any interest that may cause any pleasure. But at least the title is almost playable. Finally, if you forget to GamePad handling gyro which makes it almost impossible to simply drive straight. No item in Mario Kart on the horizon to spice up the wad that one takes. Only a small boost to recharge slip. The bare minimum, and yet …

For the rest, almost everything is put in the trash. Tennis is a far cry from the one proposed by Wii Sports, football comes down to a series of QTE or vague scribbles on the tablet to manage its defense, the golf is pathetic platitude and baseball for its part should back the rate of insomnia in Europe significantly. For each of them, made ​​use of the joystick so special console (when necessary) is limited to draw lines to the right or left to return balls. There have been more hilarious.

But the palm of shame back to the football game. Gameplay miserable atmosphere nonexistent players idiots … is difficult to align two passes with these puppets to lead soles, especially as the game goes on and fire up the same button. The sounds atrocious come only add to the ridiculous scenes, IA regularly spends next to the ball without seeing it, including the goalkeeper, and the fun is clearly missing. Worst Not content to spend half of their time to shuffle them along the ground as if they were practicing, the players are in the trunk corner flag at the slightest touch. Probably ashamed to participate in such a fiasco.

Graphically, Sports Connection is simply outrageous. As the vice grows to afford rowing during both the parties that during the loading time (which sometimes exceed the minute World Record). It evolves each time in environments as different as day and … the same day a little later. A look in the credits is the solution of the mystery: the title was developed by six studios around the world and cleverly patched before going to the press and to be aligned on the shelves. Who are we kidding-it?

Difficult to get a place in the sun during a launch console. Unfortunately for him, Sports Connection may not overshadow anyone. Even your cousin not require four years, the title will not fulfill its purpose, as this stack test indigent is painful to see. Sold $ 50, the colt Ubisoft can not even qualify as a tech demo, as it is ugly and lousy. A melting pot tasteless, devoid of any notion of fun, except perhaps to many, if you love to laugh. It will cause to reopen the debate on the right to oblivion.

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