Do Title Tags & Page Descriptions Really Matter?

In this post I want to help you understand why your Title Tags and Page Description are SO IMPORTANT to getting traffic from search engines.  The small things you implement on your site today can pay off for years to come with readers converting into customers for your business.


Why do title tags matter?

Above is a screenshot of the first 3 organic results that show up in Google (US) for the term “make money online”.  I have underlined in red what I want you to see.  Notice that the words I entered into the Google search box are shown in bold to attract the eye of a potential reader.

Notice that Google makes those words bold in the title of the page, page description and even the URL of the site.  Understanding how Google displays results to users will take you far in the search engine marketing world.

How NOT to write page descriptions

Look at the 3rd listing in the image above.  Read the page description and ask yourself, “Would I click on this? Does this look like spam?”

To me, it’s a clear case of stuffing keywords into a description to make it perform better for those search terms.  The first two results in the image are more human friendly and probably result in more actual clicks for those websites. Trying to game the system with keyword stuffing techniques won’t get you anywhere in the end.  Google likes genuine content from genuine people.

Using your URL to your advantage

Don’t just pick a website domain because the .com version wasn’t available.  Choose something that you would visit if you didn’t own it.  Pick something that says “Come read me” not “Here you will find spam, lots and lots of spam”.  The image above shows two different examples of using the URL to get the search engines attention.  The first listing uses their keywords in the root domain name and the second uses it on the page title of a particular post. Both ways are fine, just plan before you act when it comes to marketing a new website.

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