Bmw Tests The Connectivity Of Tomorrow With The Project Webinos

The German manufacturer participates in a European project consists of develop a application platform open source web-based and browser-based (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) to allow the use of the same services, from car on mobile devices and even at home on a connected TV. Codenamed: Webinos project.

Bmw Tests The Connectivity

Based on cloud computing, this system could allow for example of finding vehicle information (GPS position data on the remaining range, mileage) on your smartphone or on a connected TV.

Conversely, one could also make the trip on a tablet transmit information to the car and lock the guide to the desired destination, knowing that the last meters (Last Mile) may be driven through the software guide the mobile phone if the place final for example is in the pedestrian area. The browser also allows remote control of car parking in connection with the Park Distance Control function onboard the vehicle. The project, which includes thirty partners, including telecom operators, Samsung and Sony, will be completed in August 2013.

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