Batik Malaysia: Batik from Cherating

The MATA Team got to see many Malaysia batik samples and the process of batik-creation when we went to the Cherating Cultural Complex near Cherating Beach in Pahang.

The Cherating Cultural Complex can be reached by turning into Cherating Beach after its signboard. Drive pass the many accommodations (resorts, chalets) and shops lining the beach until you reach the end of the road where you can see the sign that says Cherating Cultural Complex.

Batik is very famous in Malaysia and other South East Asian countries. Batik can be made into clothing, become the material for purses, hats, caps, pencil cases, curtains, table cloths and many other items.

Batik Malaysia

From the photos below, you can see Encik Ayam of the Cherating Cultural Complex demonstrating how to make a simple Malaysia batik piece. This demonstration took only 30 minutes.

Malaysia Batik Malaysia Batik

For more information on batik and batik-printing at the Cherating Cultural Complex near Cherating Beach, please contact: Mr. Ahmad Yazid bin Abdul Malik (AYAM),


Cherating Cultural Complex,
(Kompleks Budaya Cherating)
Kampung Cherating Lama,
26080 Kuantan,

You may also contact him on cultural activities at the Cherating Cultural Complex, fireflies tour and turtle watching.

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