Apple launches iPhone 5 in China and iPad mini

Apple commercializes in China Wi-Fi versions of the iPad mini and iPad 4 with Retina display, December 7. The iPhone 5 will arrive on December 14.

Apple released in China, wi-fi versions of its tablet iPad mini and his fourth generation iPad with Retina display, Friday, December 7. The iPhone 5 will be placed on the market a week later, on December 14. These terminals will be available in stores on booking the group via its online store and through distributors Apple “authorized”.

The iPad Mini, which was launched on 2 November, is already available in 42 countries and the iPhone 5, sold since September 21, is in 47 countries. In recent years, the launch in China of new iPhone models has regularly led to stampedes and the emergence of a black market, As the popularity of the Chinese middle class is great for products that symbolize a privileged social status, and therefore envied.

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