Amazon Kindle Explode The Records During Black Friday


Kindle product family has benefited greatly from the special periods and cybermonday Black Friday, lining up new sales records.

Amazon Kindle Explode The Records During Black Friday

The group made ​​the point of Amazon’s Kindle product sales periods after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the day presented as higher sales of Kindle in its entire history. As always, the American group provides no precise figure but makes observations. It thus indicates that the 2012 Cyber ​​Monday (Monday, November 26) generated the largest volume of sales of Kindle in the world of all time, including through the promotion held that day which placed the tablet Kindle Fire at 129 dollars (instead of $ 159).

The Kindle Fire HD for its part, offered the best product and the most desired on Amazon worldwide since its launch, while 9 of the 10 most popular products on Amazon are either Kindle or Kindle accessories, from content for Kindle. It must be said that Amazon now has a strong range, liseuse the basic model with the light display, to the multimedia tablet available in several screen sizes, with or without cellular modem to access a large catalog of content and applications. Part of this product family is now marketed internationally, and not just in the United States / Canada, the volumes generated are logically more important. Without more specific guidance on sales or on the respective share of different product categories Kindle, difficult to know the extent of progression but Amazon looks set to retain a special position in the segment of touchpads.

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