4 Simple HTML Codes All Online Marketers Should Know

I began my love for the internet at a young age creating website on the free Geocities platform.  I don’t even really remember how many sites I had or exactly what was on them.  It was just a mash up of cool links and pictures I found online when I was in junior high.  I learned how to code basic html syntax back then and never looked back.  I feel in love with creating something the world could access and use.  I went through a lot of stages before I decided using my talents for something positive was the route to take.  I might write about a couple sticky situations I got into in high school sometime, but this isn’t the place for that.

1.  How to insert an image

This first came in handy for me back with Myspace was first popular.  Even before it was bought by News Corp it was a marketing crazy fest.  I would make flyers for different local band concerts and use this little bit of code to insert it in people’s comments section.  It was a huge tool for us back when I ran a local music venue in 2006 – I was a junior in high school and running a venue …it was a crazy year of learning.

<img src=”http://www.YOUR-URL.com/IMAGENAME.jpg”></img>

2.  How to insert a text link

This is very useful for forum signatures and editing a piece of code you get from an affiliate link or something.  Once you understand how it’s laid out you will use this code for the rest of your time making money online.

<a href=”http://www.YOUR-URL.com”>The text you want displayed to the user goes here WITHOUT quotes.</a>

3.  How to make link text bold

This is the basic code for creating bold text minus the actual text:


You could easily add text where I have placed the three dots and it would make text on your page big and bold for the user to see better.

Below I will show you a full example of how to insert bold text into a simple text link like from example 1 on this page.

<a href=”http://www.YOUR-URL.com”>This is your same basic text like before, but now you can make words <b>BOLD</b></a>

Do you see how it all fits together yet?  Take time to look over the code examples above and really understand how they work.

Everything you code in html will have a OPENING and a CLOSING.


words in the middle that will be bold

</b> = CLOSING

4.  The Ultimate

Now time to show off those HTML coding skills to your friends by memorizing this little chunk of code.

<a href=”http://www.YOUR-URL.com”><img-src=”http://www.YOUR-URL.com/IMAGE.jpg”></img></a>

<a href=”http://www.YOUR-URL.com/IMAGE.jpg”><b>This text will be bold and link to an image</b></a>

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